Another success!!!

2 weeks ago A checked me for Candida overgrowth, I was at a toxic level of 8, the scale is 1-10 so as you can see i was very high. To get rid of this sort of level usually takes a year, 9 months at least and even then you have to be very committed to the diet. I have never started the diet and last night I asked A to re-test me as I felt like it had cleared, don’t ask me why It is jut something i felt, so she tested me and guess what level I am at? 1 ! This is usually unheard of. 3 weeks ago A was at a level of 7 as of yesterday she was a 3! Like I said this usually takes months and a lot of dedication, we are seeing our client with MS on saturday he was at a level 8 so if his has come right down I guess it’s another one we can add to the list…… see you soon