The ball (Etmitis) arrived with hubby’s dad on Christmas eve – The kids said it looked like a wok and a bit crap- fair comment tbh!! I could see Steven trying to hide his ‘what the fuck face’ but he did very well! I felt very emotional and it reminded me in some respects of the day you bring a new baby home. The tingles, excitement, love even, and the knowledge that things will never be the same from here on in. And, like a baby, I will sometimes just sit and gaze at it!! ha ha!! In the first 24 hours I must confess to some panic rising- 1500!!… Emperors new clothes type worries. And then I realised that Ben’s cough and bunged up sinses had gone. 6 weeks of a bone shaking , house shaking cough and a never ending snotty nose. Gone. Overnight.

Then lent it to my mum- bad back, immobile for 5 days. 50% better overnight. 100% better in 2 days! Then our daughter started changing- talking, making eye contact, smiling, being in the same room as us, seeming happy. (assume that the opposites were true before-for years!) We are all calmer and more connected than we have been for a long time.Then I invited 6 friends to be my guinea pigs so I could use their testimonials for clients. They’ve sat, slept or meditated with the ball for about 2 1/2 hours so far. Reported metallic taste, tingly teeth, headaches, nausea, giggling, feeling ‘high’, lucid dreams, head fog cleared, back pain reduced, fatigue reduced…….amazing. Two clients have said that kinesiology PLUS the ball is just a different experience entirely!

When I am consciously receiving healing I can feel waves or ripples of energy flowing up my body and I feel very very calm and peaceful.