januari 2014

NanoPlatinum appears to be a new breakthrough in the field of medicine, almost as important as penicillin. This colloidal suspension of nano-platinum (other noble metals include silver and gold) is absorbed and used in the body in a healthy way that changes the way the body functions. My theory is that it alters some of the body’s electromagnetics. I have found that taking a tablespoon of the platinum suspension seems to be as effective as a tiny dose of ritalin. It helps me focus my thinking and slightly lift my mood. I believe it also has antibiotic effects. I have also tried the NanoSilver and NanoGold products offered by this company. The NanoGold increases creativity and the ability to remember dreams — truly remarkable. I’d like to add that I’m not into New Age stuff, but I don’t knock something that works in such a fascinating and concrete manner.


Since taking platinum, I notice a dramatic transformation in my writing. Writing is very important in law school and my writing has really changed. Now I tear into things with energy and animation, and feel like the floodgates have opened. And it’s not just that I write a lot and then have to go back and re-write what I’ve written. On the contrary, my first drafts now look like something I’ve worked on and worked over; they are as good as my much later and much edited drafts used to be. My writing is just wonderful now if I do say so myself. When I go back and read what I’ve written, even I’m impressed. It’s like someone else wrote it. It’s one of the great effects of the NanoPlatinum.


Words can not express how powerful this platinum is. I heard about it from Metaphysician, Naazir Ra at one of his Hidden Power Boot Camps. After hearing person after person speak about how platinum increase the power of sexual experiences, raises the Kundalini and increases lucid dreams– I had to give it a try! All I can say is WOW! But I must also say– don’t let the tastelessness fool you! This stuff is the real deal– you can take more then the 5ml but the more you take, the more raw and powerful your Kundalini will be. Put on your seat belt for this one! LOL!!


Totally eliminated my depression and PMS! I feel and look better and my creativity is through the roof! Thank you for this amazing product.


Just ordered MyNanoGold and I am almost out of the platinum! I have to say it is the real deal!! I have a lot more energy than I usually do since I’ve been taking the platinum and its also been giving me a lot of conscious astral journeys along with an increased sense of visualization during my meditations. I would have to say that the peak moment in using the platinum so far has been a dream/journey I had about Saturn when I was contacted by my spiritual guides. POWERFUL! A GREAT INVESTMENT IN SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!!


I have been having so many long lucid dreams and conscious astral journeys since taking the MyNanoPlatinum! I’ve been taking it since Tuesday. I usually take the MyNanoPlatinum in the morning before a Kundalini Yoga set or meditation.


I used to feel down and depressed most of the time. NanoPlatinum increases my zeal and zest for life. Not to mention I climax MUCH harder and longer! 😉 T