“You look really great!

That’s the comment I often get since I’ve started using High Vitality Rejuvenation.” (Merel)

“Developing a product that positively influences people’s lives is amazing!

Giving rejuvenation a chance, contravening the aging process.” (…)


High Vitality Rejuvenation: for whom?

“The fountain of youth” is the name that is occasionally attached to High Vitality Rejuvenation. This carefully assembled product is suitable for any adult who wants to feel young and vital, and appear wrinkleless.


What is High Vitality Rejuvenation?

High Vitality Rejuvenation is a liquid dietary supplement. Rejuvenation will usually become clearly noticeable within 6 to 8 weeks.


Rejuvenation, less wrinkles, more energy…

This revolutionary product is developed to multiply the body’s stem cells in a natural way. A more effective formula is yet to be invented. The High Vitality Rejuvenation formula could result in higher vitality and a stronger immune system, which eventually leads to more mental clarity and less ‘brain cloud’. Furthermore, this product can drastically change the skin structure, which means that wrinkles and sagging skin reduce or even disappear.


When one’s energy decreases, the mental clarity also declines because body and mind function cooperatively. The High Vitality Rejuvenation is a life-prolonging and rejuvenating formula with a natural basis. With the High Vitality Rejuvenation, you can live better and longer!


Experiences with High Vitality Rejuvenation

  • More energy
  • Diminishing wrinkles
  • Smoother skin
  • Higher mental clarity
  • Improving memory
  • Alleviation from inflammations
  • A general sense of well-being


Product information…

High Vitality Rejuvenation consists of natural ingredients, amongst which are: sodium-bicarbonate, C60, magnesium and Procaine.

Good to know…

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are a special kind of ‘undifferentiated’ body cells that are capable of transforming in specific forms of ‘differentiated’ cells, which constitute organ and skin tissue. Prior to transformation, a stem cell is influenced by cells in its direct surroundings and eventually transforms in the same cell type as that of the tissue in which the stem cell is present, such as a heart cell, liver cell or brain cell.

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Important components of the High Vitality Rejuvenation

The stem cell formula consists of natural minerals and carbon that are edited as such that they have a positive influence on the immune system and stem cells. Almost everyone who uses High Vitality Rejuvenation, announced that they are in a better mood and experience increased focus and concentration. The composition of the High Vitality Rejuvenation makes those who use it more awake, intuitive, balanced, vital and creative.


Procaine, Novocaine, C60, Gerovital H3, GH3, KH3

 Procaine was discovered by Austrian biochemical scientist dr. Alfred Einhorn

Brand names may differ, but Procaine, Novocaine, Gerovital, GH3 and KH3 are all the same product. These products are based on research and development by prof. Ana Aslan to contravene the human aging process.

In order to function well, the body cells continuously have to be nurtured with aliments that are extracted from blood and converted into energy. During the aging process, the abilities and performance of human cells decrease, resulting in declined energy supply. This process occurs gradually and definitely not in the same speed for everyone. Yet, we have to take into account that, as we age, most of us will have to face the consequences of the aging process.

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