Dear Jacob,

I’m afraid this has taken along time, but our journey fighting my wife her cancer has been a long and difficult one. I would like to start by saying thank you for your help and advice when I called you back in June last year and also for your wonderful help and support at the Auror Scalar Technology clinic since the outset of the journey to fight this disease. From the start there have been many twists and turns in the road leading us to our present location in the Netherlands.

It all started back in March 2015 on the Isle of Man when my wife was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. They advised that there was nothing that could be done on the Island. Sue was sent for further tests to a specialist pancreatic unit in Liverpool UK. The mistakes that were made before, during and after this transition period were monumental with many weeks wasted due to incompetence mostly but not wholly from the Isle of Man side.

The outcome being that my wife had a large 2.7cm tumor in her pancreas which was untreatable by surgery or radiotherapy, due to its position and arteries feeding major organs etc. The Oncologist that my wife was eventually referred to at Clatterbridge said that my wife had approximately 6 months to live and offered a Chemotherapy treatment called Folfirinox which he said was extremely potent and although it could make Smy wife really poorly it could extend her life by a few weeks ! He advised that Sue should start building herself up with cream cakes, dairy products such as full fat milk and cream, sticky buns and sugary drinks etc.He also offered some clinical trial which was currently running.

The shock and the way my wife was treated by the so called medical professionals was appalling and we knew straight away that this was not the way to go. You only had to look around the waiting rooms of all the hospitals and clinics we visited and see the sick and dying people waiting for hours for their delayed appointments. It was so obvious that the system was broken and doing nothing for the poor souls in it’s charge. It was a real eye opener for me and I knew straight away this was definitely not for us.

We were very lucky to have support, speaking to you in June 2015 and the support of a good Homeopathic friend on the Island and several other local alternative health practitioners. We changed our lifestyle and tried as closely as possible to follow a healthy diet. In June we also paid a visit to the Balanced Health Clinic in Peel, Isle of Man, they advised on
supplements to go with the diet and the homeopathic treatments. my wife felt that with the aggressive nature of her cancer we were not doing enough. A Kinesiologist at the Balanced Health Clinic suggested that we should go straight away to the Auror Scalar Technology Clinic in Veldhoven in the Netherlands.

I rang the clinic in Veldhoven that afternoon and discussed Sue’s condition with Jacob the owner who runs the clinic single handed. He advise that we should come as soon as possible as this type of cancer requires treatment straight away due to it’s aggressive nature. He advised that the clinic used several techniques, a combination of Rife, Tesla, and Scalar frequencies to kill viruses and bacteria in the body to strengthen and build the bodies immune system to fight the disease. Jacob also uses several supplements to increase the efficiency of the treatment which further support the immune system. We arrived at Auror Scalar Technoloy at the end of June 2015 and have attended the clinic 4 days a week up to the present time. It’s a very relaxed affair with no white coats or anything of that nature. We have taken an apartment in the local area and plan to stay until the end of May this
year. I can say that since our arrival in June my wife has not been poorly nor has she had any pain. We are unable to get any scans here in the Netherlands without referral by a local doctor. They are not allowed to intervene in cancer patients just the same as the UK.

I have been in touch with the Oncologist who gave my wife the death sentence and advised him that my wife is looking remarkably well and healthy 10 months down the road with no medical treatment. I have asked him and our local hospital about follow up scans but they are choosing to ignore my requests. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing as the scans cause cancer ! Since we’ve been here I’ve seen a few miracles and I would say that every patient is different. Some heal remarkably quickly and others take longer. In general the ones
with the most positive attitude seem to be rapid in their recovery.

Anyway I think that’s enough from me. The whole point of this email was to thank you for your help and for planting the seed that there is more out there than the conventional slashing,burning and poisoning approach offered by conventional modern ? Medicine.

T & S C