C60 carbon in olive oil

C60 carbon in olive oil


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C60 carbon

C60 molecules assist in a better functioning of the mitochondria and therefore you will be able to experience more energy. C60 works as a super antioxidant, which can help to combat cellular damaging and thus prevent diseases on the long term.

Available per 100 ml. Before buying this product, I recommend that you take a quick look at the High Vitality Rejuvenation and C60 with Platina products. Both of these are far more effective than the C60 found in olive oil.

For more information about C60 carbon, please go to: C60 carbon as super antioxidant

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C60 carbon in olive oil

Good news! The first immortal person has already been born. At least, that is what Audrey de Grey, researcher in gerontology and anti-aging pioneer, states. “If we would invest all the money we now spend on the development of weapons in research in immortality, we will be able to save people from death in 20 years.”

De Grey, whom with his long grey beard, hollow cheeks and missing teeth does not really appear immortal, sees old age as a “deathly disease”. We all suffer massively from terminal diseases, such as ‘division obsessed cells’, ‘intercellular junk’ and ‘mitochondrial mutations’.

This all sounds terrifying, but what are we actually doing against it? Stem cell therapy, tissue modifications or DNA stretching all sound promising, but is currently unfortunately only tested on mice. These therapies are rather artificial and unnatural, and one should be cautious to ever start with such a therapy. This is the reason why we only work with fully natural products.


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C60 carbon as super antioxidant


Our website is carefully created in line with the current knowledge on C60. However, results might deviate for every person, since the products have a natural basis. We recommend to consult a medical professional in case of continuing symptoms.








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