C60 carbon with Platina

C60 carbon with Platina

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C60 molecules can improve the functioning of the mitochondria, allowing you to experience more energy. C60 functions as a super antioxidant. For example, C60, as a super antioxidant, can help against damage, which can prevent diseases in the long term. Available per 100 ml.

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C60 carbon with Platinum

In 1945, Nano-particles platnum were scientifically tested and it was discovered that these were able to destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. Contrary to platinum-based chemotherapy, which has been in common use since 1970 (such as cisplatin), Nano-platinum is pure and natural platinum, and does not cause toxic side effects. Due to platinum’s reputation of being able to extend one’s lifespan, the University of Tokyo performed a fully controlled experiment on worms and determined that the consumption of Nano-platinum particles extended the lifespan of worms by one-third.


Moreover, many scientists connect platinum to the harmonization and synchronization of human brain waves. Increased brain activity can result in a more consistent and focused use of mental energy and thus a more effective use of the brain.


Furthermore, this formula can have a positive effect on several types of pains, such as painful muscles, joints and inflammations.



Purified water, C60 carbon 90 PPM with 5 PPM platinum.


A number of assumptions exist regarding the use of C60 with Platinum:

  • More energy
  • Quicker recovery
  • Good for heart and blood vessels
  • Less sleep is necessary
  • Anti-stress
  • Increased libido
  • Delays aging processes
  • Can decrease cholesterol levels
  • Preventing grey hair
  • Protection against UV and ionizing radiation
  • Anti-viral function
  • Treats against several allergic reactions
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Antioxidant function
  • Anti-cancer
  • Better concentration


Read here why C60 has a powerful effect: Buckyballs double lifespan rats










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