Yonav Drinking Yoghurt

Yonav Drinking Yoghurt


Yonav drinking yoghurt produces a protein that activates the macrophages in the body.



Yonav Drinking Yoghurt

Yonav drinking yoghurt produces a protein that activates the macrophages in the body. Macrophages are a type of white blood cells, literally called “big eaters”. Their task is to clean up harmful micro-organisms in the body and strengthen the immune system. The protein that is in Yonav, is a protein that the body naturally produces itself. Some people, however, have a lack of this protein, or there may be insufficient production, making the body function less well.


By taking in the Yonav the immune system gets a “boost”; Yonav enables the body to actually able to restore itself (revitalization).
Yonav doesn’t heal people, but it strengthens the immune system so that it is better able to repair the body.


The basis of the effects of Yonav are situated on a better function of the intestines. The intestines are an important part of the body; if this does not work properly, important things as vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients are not properly absorbed. This could cause all sorts of health problems.
The functioning of the intestines is not sufficient with most people. This may be partly caused by poor diet, stress, medications, anxiety, worry, sadness, etc. The Yonav yoghurt can in such cases have a strong positive effect on the intestines.


The Yonav is dried and sealed delivered together with colostrum and the necessary cleaning agent.Then you can make the Yonav drinking yoghurt yourself at home. Combined use of Yonav drinking yoghurt and Gold Water will give the immune system an even bigger boost. You need to take in the two products separately from one another.


The Yonav culture costs € 32. = this is enough for two to a maximum of three months of use. Then you must replace the culture, because the effect is decreasing. Then you have to order in our online store the additional required products (Colostrum and Pro Oxi) to be ordered separately from the Yonav culture.

Below is a letter sent by a client

Dear Jacob,
I lately have been given some yoghurt to Angelien – my dear caregiver. (She has the bare minimum income so she would never be able to afford it – but my husband and I had too much because we now only use little … so Angelien got always something from us). Anyway, you won’t believe it: she was one day a bit sick, and then she made huge process. She feels better than ever before, has much more energy. Even her COPD is improved by pieces – incredible she has already run a lot to get the tram (which was previously unthinkable). Great anyway …

Kind regards A