Strained achilles tendon, cold, migraine, painful joints, rash, better mood


Yes, this interference is an inevitable reaction.

It is a week ago that I, as a sceptical but interested person attended the centre at Jacob’s house, with my wife Marlene.

I wanted to wait a week to ensure that what has happened has really happened, and is not the result of wishful thinking, or of optimistic hope.

I took my wife with various intense but not life threatening problems, and I went to the centre with no real intention to enter myself. My only problem was a strained Achilles tendon and a pain in my shoulder from strain or a nerve, I don’t know, but just constantly painful. I entered for a session and then went for a walk while my wife stayed longer.

One week on and my Achilles tendon feels fully repaired and is not painful any more when I walk. It was six months since I could do that. My shoulder is still nagging, but much less than before, so I shall wait and see if the single short session I had was enough to affect a change.

My wife was in the “room” for three hours and here the change has been much more dramatic.

That morning, one week ago, she had the beginning of a serious streaming cold, and when she gets a cold it lasts for weeks, it goes into her chest and she coughs and splutters and on some occasions has coughed up blood. We are always anxious to avoid her getting a cold because of this. The following morning the pain and misery and migraine had gone, but she continued to cough up residue from the cold for the next few days, but the sputum was white, not green or yellow, indicating to us that the infection/virus had been destroyed and that she was just clearing out her system.

She has been suffering with pains in joints for which her doctor has prescribed various pain killers. These pains were so intense that she was having trouble sleeping. These pains have COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. This is not a psychosomatic reaction. This is real. The result of this is that she is able to walk properly again, without pain which she thought had become a part of her life.

She also had a rash on her leg which was persistent and had the appearance of a ringworm attack. This completely disappeared within two days of the treatment.

She is diabetic and has control of the condition with pills and so far we have seen no perceptible change, but perhaps time will reveal a necessary change of dose. Bear in mind she has only had one visit to Jacob’s house.

The thing that is not so easy to quantify is the change in her attitude. Before we went she was angry about a situation at work which was in her thoughts whenever she went to sleep or woke up. Now she finds that she is much more relaxed about it. She is still going to challenge the situation, but has lost that “angry” feeling.

Both of us find that we are feeling so much more “well”. I think that I am feeling much more relaxed and less aggressive about things over which I have no control.

All in all, we plan to return to Jacob’s when we have put aside the time and cash.

What impressed me very much is that Jacob did not in any way make any claims that his sessions would change anything, only that we should try it out and to talk to any of the other people there, to learn and see what their experiences are and were.

In conclusion, I am an Airline Pilot and an experienced ocean sailor and I have travelled extensively all over the world and have been exposed to many different situations from which I believe that I am able to make valued judgements. My wife is an experienced nursing sister and a midwife and has a vast experience in the medical profession, as well as the difficulties of raising a family in various different countries. Together we went to Jacob’s house with an open mind and determined not to be mislead in any way by false claims.

We are both impressed by Jacob, his demeanour and the way in which he conducts his sessions. He was very kind and compassionate with all his visitors. He himself is a glowing example of how this type of therapy does one good.

We will definitely return and will be ready to defend our right to do so from anyone who tries to stop us.