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Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is, just like resonance therapy, an alternative (non-conventional) therapy that thinks every organ in the human body has a specific vibration of electromagnetic nature. In cases of a disease that vibration can be upset. A bioresonance practitioner will perform measurements in order to find a disturbance in the body. After these measurements are done the patient is connected to a machine that sends frequencies through the body to resolve this problem. This can be a disturbance of any organ and the patient is treated for every part of the body separately. This way the body’s own frequency will be going to the concerned body part. These are electromagnetic fields.

Resonance therapy of Auror Scaling Technology

The equipment of our natural healing treatment operates with QUANTUM FIELDS converted electromagnetic fields. Hereby the resonances by way of the quantum field will strengthen the Life Energy (Chi vital energy) and influence it positively.

Our kind of resonance is totally different by nature. Our emitted broad-spectrum frequencies are of a much stronger nature than bioresonance therapy and the body as a whole is treated for all ailments all at once.

No connection to bioresonance equipment necessary

Patients won’t be connected to a machine. By treating in this manner, the frequencies are emitted through the entire room where the treatment takes place and the patient is positioned. That’s the reason our resonance equipment sends frequencies that affect every ailment of the body and mind as a whole.

No bioresonance measurements necessary

It is not necessary during a visit to do certain measurements. Because all the frequencies that are necessary to gain the vitality and energy back, are always present in our equipment. This is because the frequencies that we are using were resourced by research of live blood analysis of different kinds of ailments. These blood analysis were done with the help of a microscope that enlarges 60 to 100.000 times.

At this size you can see the bacteria and viruses in color. Because every frequency has its own color. By releasing the same (color)frequency on these viruses, bacteria and fungi will be eliminated, enabling the vitality of the patient to return.

By the development of our machinery Royal Rife, Nikola Tesla, Antoine Pioré and George Lakhovsky were used as inspiration to result in Quantum Photonic Light Resonance.

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