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What are stem cells?

Stem cells are a special kind of ‘undifferentiated’ body cells that are capable of transforming in specific forms of ‘differentiated’ cells, which constitute organ and skin tissue. Prior to transformation, a stem cell is influenced by cells in its direct surroundings and eventually transforms in the same cell type as that of the tissue in which the stem cell is present, such as a heart cell, liver cell or brain cell.

Adult stem cells

Adult stem cells can be found in ample amounts in the bone marrow, they are also known as bone marrow stem cells. A healthy body produces these adult stem cells continuously, which then circulate in the blood flow to replace the function of differentiated, aged tissue cells.

Accordingly, one retains the natural process of optimal health.

Have you heard about ‘embryonic stem cells’? These are stem cells that are extracted from unborn and undeveloped human embyros. However, these are not what we are focussing on, instead we focus on adult stem cells, that are produced in one’s own body. Since body cells contain your own DNA, your immune system will not identify your stem cells as an alien organism, therefore these stem cells will not be attacked and destroyed.

Adult stem cells are thus not influenced by the ‘rejection’ of the cells that is often a complication occurring after external embryonic stem cell transplantation. The ethical and religious discussion regarding embryonic stem cell transplantation therefore know little application to High Vitality Rejuvenation, as it only concerns adult stem cells produced in your own body.

The High Vitality Rejuvenation ensures that stem cells are produced on a higher rate than usual due to the natural ingredients that are added to the formula. For this reason, vitality and health increase.

What are bone marrow stem cell enhancers?

Recent scientific developments have demonstrated that adult stem cells, which are produced in the bone marrow, travel throughout the entire body and transform into differentiated cells to support an optimal function of organs and tissues. During the aging process, the natural production of adult stem cells decreases, resulting in signs of aging, such as less optimal functioning of organs and tissues.

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