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Vitality Gold Formula is a unique proposition of colloidal multivitamins and minerals. It works on the mental and physical state of the body, user experiences confirm this.

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What is Vitality Gold Formula?

Vitality Gold Formula is a unique proposition of colloidal multivitamins and minerals. It works on the mental and physical state of the body, user experiences confirm this.

Vitality Gold Formula is made from colloidal particles in distilled water. These particles are so small, they can be fully absorbed by the body. This makes sure the particles immediately go to the area’s where they are needed. Therefore it has a much stronger and quicker effect on the body than when taking medicine in pill/powder form. Moreover is this the perfect solution for people who struggle swallowing pills.

When you start taking Vitality Gold Formula, you may experience that you start releasing your deep emotions. After this is over you will experience increased vitality, happiness and peace of mind. Physically you will experience much more energy when doing daily activities. However we advise that you start taking 5 drops a day, to minimize side effect of vitality gold formula.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells who are ‘undefined’, they have the ability to transform themselves into ‘defined’ cells. These cells form the tissue of your liver, hart, brains and all other organs. The undefined cells will transfer when they are near to many defined cells and will therefore adapt themselves. Your body constantly makes these stem cells, and they replace the old ‘defined cells’. These cells are produced in the bone marrow, and travel from their to their belonged destination. As we get older, our body makes less of these stem cells, which causes aging problems like organs and tissue that function less well.

Important ingredients

Wild Yam is a food supplement that is extracted from the Mexican yam. The Wild Yam in Vitality Gold Formula is a natural product of the best quality. When taking the Vitality Gold Formula, the wild yam content rises, unlike when normally eating yam.

Colloidal Gold & Silver

Gold and silver influences the mental state, moreover they have a rejuvenating effect. Depressions may go away and the state of mind will be positively be influenced. When taking these metals in the right way(colloidal), they will increase your lifetime because of their positive effect on physical body. Users will confirm these conclusions. For more information, go to www.goldcolloidal.com.

Colloidal Platinum

Colloidal platinum can among other things have a positive effect on the following: lymphatic system, memory, concentration, mental alertness, enhanced creativity, recovery of the DNA, tissue regeneration and it can enhance dreaming.

Coenzyme Q10

Research has proven that Q10 plays a part in vitality. The use of Q10 will increase the energy. Vitality Formula Gold also contains acidophilus alanine arginine aspargine- B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 B12 B13- B15-C – D E betaine Biotin inositol bioflavonoids- carnitine cystine GTFchroom- bismuth gallium indium phosphorus isoleusine- chlorophyll silicic paba- procaine lecitine- lycopene lysine folic acid phenylalanine glutamine glysine- magnesium molybdenum- sodium iodide, calcium L-methionine choline ginseng copper ornitine- praseodynium- proline tantalum taurine Tungsten- iron selenium zinc silver gold platinum tyrosine and valine sulfur. Also includes the Vitality Formula Gold Ormus also called Mono Atomic Gold. For more information see www.whitepowdergold.com

Klamath Algea (Aphanizomenon Flos Aqua, (AFA))

Also the Klamath algea are added to the Vitality Gold Formula, which are cultivated at the Klamath-lake in North-America. This lake has extraordinary clean water, with a Ph value of 9-11 – which almost never occurs in nature. It has a great source of algae, which are formed by a volcano eruption around 7000 years ago. Because of its many days of sun, it’s the perfect surrounding for the algae to grow.

Almost everyone who uses Vitality Gold Formula, reports getting a better mood and positive mindset. The composition of Vitality Gold Formula and the Klamath algae ensure that we are wide awake, more intuitive, more balanced, more vital and creative.

Frequently reported results of the algae are the following:

  • More energy
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Improved memory
  • Alleviation of inflammation
  • A general feeling of well-being

The Vitality Gold Formula is designed to improve the vitality. Due to the adding of Klamath algae, vitamins, minerals, gold, silver, platinum, and amino acids, this product is able to stimulate the production of stem cells. Use Vitality Gold Formula for a better and longer life!

A bottle Vitality Gold Formula costs €65,-

One bottle of Vitality Gold Formula can be used for approximately 8 months and contains 100ml. Vitality Gold Formula is guaranteed free of lactose, preservatives, synthetic fragrance, color- and flavor-additives.

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