Hi Jacob

It has certainly been a very rough ride since returning Not that situations were not already in place to challenge me but my ability to deal withthe ridiculousness of them was not available after treatment, so I spent a lot of time fighting with emotions, lies and truths.It started at the airport in Eindhoven when my energies didn’t fit with the surrounding

energy of the environment. Anyhow it’s been very tough! I know the planet Mercury has been in retrograde so planetary wise many people manifest the illusion of miscommunication at this time, but still we are affected by these stories. So I am starting to pull the raging horses in and contain the energy now. It was obviously

very powerful for me but not consciously so at the time. I will return when I’m ready to. I think I shall buy an earth dome from you maybe this side of the year? Yes the gold is good too…address for posting is –